Consulting Structural Engineers

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Specializing in the structural engineering of wood framed structures with the objective of producing clear and concise structural plans and details saving time and money at the jobsite.

Specifically, over the past 15 years, Allen Designs has focused on residential remodeling, a sometimes challenging niche market.

About Allen Designs

T. Willliam (Bill) Allen is one of the area's most respected structural engineers. In case you're not aware yet, structural engineers are a special breed. The education required is substantial, the testing beyond rigorous and the certifications very demanding. This results in only about 10% of the Civil Engineers registered in California are also registered Structural Engineers! But the advantages of working with a licensed structural engineer can take your project from a conglomeration of generic ideas, potential engineering conflicts and mismatched concepts and convert them into a flowing design where virtually every detail has been taken into account. The results ensure you a commercial edifice, new home or home renovation you can take pride in and can enjoy for decades to come.

Foundation Pour for Family Health Clinic in Rubidoux, CA
Foundation Pour for Family Health Clinic in Rubidoux, CA

What We Do:

At Allen Designs, we are committed to only producing the highest quality work. While the word "quality" gets tossed around a lot, Allen Designs takes its commitment to quality very seriously. When you work in 3D as we do, plans and details are clear and concise. Contractor misinterpretation is minimized. Contractors love this. It makes their jobs easier, reduces conflicts and saves everyone time and money.

Working in 3D, our calculations are complete and thorough. Each set of plans is customized to the project. There are very few "standard" details. This commitment to exactness delivers a two-fold benefit. Submitting such a detailed and thorough plans to the building official or reviewing agency, plan check and recheck times are reduced. Plans are ready for bid sooner. This saves time and thus money when an owner is already paying interest on a construction loan. Finally, since our plans are more thorough and tighter, this means bids are tighter (and lower) since the contractor must deal with fewer ambiguities.

Allen Designs uses a process called "calc and fit". This means all plans and details are drawn to scale, ensuring the engineering can actually be assembled in the field. If this sounds a bit unique, know that this is one of the many special processes that has made Allen Designs so successful and Bill Allen so respected. When things go together smoothly, everyone from the top down has an easier time on the job and the job gets done sooner by people who love working with the plans rather than struggling with the plans.

3D drawings. CAD specs. Time and money saved. Contractors and work crews who love the precision of what they're doing. The process and flow become almost seamless. Get the project plans you truly need and keep more of your money. Call us today and put the skills and experience of Allen Designs to work for you!

Panels Being Erected for Commerce Center in Moreno Valley, CA
Panels Being Erected for Commerce Center in Moreno Valley, CA

Our Priorities:

At Allen Designs, we feel our priorties say a lot about our committment to a successful project. Ours are:

  1. Field Issues
    We realize when a job stops in the field (for any reason), that costs money and delays. We try to respond to field questions in less than 2 hours.
  2. Plan Check Corrections
    At this point, the project is so close to getting approved and construction started, we waste no time in getting these issues addressed.
  3. Design of Current Projects Under Contract
    We are loyal to our repeat customers!
  4. Proposals for Existing Clients
    Again, we are loyal to our existing customers! The only issues that prevent us from getting a proposal back to you are field issues and plan check corrections. We will take a break from design work to get a proposal so you can move forward.
  5. Proposals for New Clients
    Become a repeat customer and move up the list!