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Consulting Structural Engineers

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Specializing in the structural engineering of wood framed structures with the objective of producing clear and concise structural plans and details to save time and money at the jobsite.


from Tim White, Architect:
When asked what separates ALLEN DESIGNS from its competitors, Tim White replies:
I think it's the things we've talked about before...senior level engineer doing ALL the work, QA procedure (I think the reality is that most folks don't do this); ongoing involvement in engineers association (again, I think the reality is that most folks don't do this); concern for constructablity not just simply justifying a design.
Gary and Karen Sulley:
Bill Allen, of Allen Designs, is a qualified structural engineer. He was very professional in working with us on our kitchen remodel and assisted us in developing plans for a significant structural change to accommodate our remodel. Bill spends time with you personally, gets to know you and your home and the issue at hand. He gives the project the time and attention necessary to get the job done. He is careful, thorough and detailed in his analysis and stands by his work. We are confident in his ability and would use Bill again for any further engineering work we may have in the future.
Pat Conboy, Skyline Kitchen and Bath:
I have worked with Bill Allen for the past 4 years on many residential remodels. He is by far the best & most professional engineer I have ever worked with. He is very honest, detail oriented and he is very fair in what he charges for his services. He is excellent in dealing with on site design changes and very good with obtaining the necessary approvals with the building department.