18 Unit Apartment Complex

Riverside, CA

Allen Designs' Project No. 20605
Allen Designs 2006 (Structural Design Only)

Client: The SBI Group

Last Updated: March 17, 2007

Status of Project: Plan Check Re-submittal.

Project Description:

This project consists of 18 units (12-1 BR and 6-2BR) in a single two story structure in addition to a single story office building and parking garages.

Structural Drawings (in PDF format):

bulletS0.1 Structural Notes bulletS0.2 Structural Notes bulletS0.3 Structural Notes (masonry) and block fence sections bulletS-1 Foundation Plans bulletS-2 Second Floor Framing Plan (18 Units) Roof Framing Plan Garages and Office bulletS-3 Roof Framing Plan (18 Units) bulletSD1.1 Foundation Details bulletSD2.1 Framing Details bulletSD2.2 Framing Details bulletSD3.1 Roof Framing Details