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New Opening in Existing Masonry Wall


Heritage Christian Fellowship

190 Avenida de Pata

San Clemente, CA

Allen Designs' Project No. 20604
Allen Designs 2006

Client: Heritage Christian Fellowship

Last Updated: January 27, 2007

Status of Project: Project Completed

Project Description:

This project consists of creating a new opening in an existing masonry wall for the purposes of providing a window for a space converted from storage to an office. The client did not want to reinforce the wall (if possible), so the plan was to locate the window directly above an existing door below and limiting the window width to the door width. If the existing jamb bars extended to the roof, it would be possible to avoid reinforcing the wall. Reinforcing was located with the help of CHJ Incorporated. Unfortunately, it could not be concluded that the jamb bars extend to the roof. "Plan B" is to test the wall to see if the installed strength is adequate. Based on preliminary calculations, it was established that, if the prism test came back at or near F'm = 2,000 psi, then the wall would not have to be reinforced. The church contracted with Custom Concrete Coring of Mission Viejo. Under my direction, Grenier of CCC cut two 5" diameter cores and avoided the existing reinforcing. I gathered the samples and sent them to the testing lab (CHJ). We are awaiting results. Working with Custom Concrete Coring (949 951-9071) was a pleasant one. Grenier was on time and we worked well together.

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Two pilot holes drilled to ensure we were going to core into grouted cells. The first coring. Because of the available ventilation, a gas fired core drill was used. This reduced the amount of water required which reduced the mess. First core complete!
Nice clean cores.  Hopefully the test results will come back satisfactory or these may be the largest windows that can be used!


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