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Company Goals

ALLEN DESIGNS is committed to producing quality work. The word "quality" is interpreted as preparing plans and details that are clear and concise. When submitting plans and engineering to an agency for review, the structural calculations are complete and thorough. Every significant structuralmember is referenced to the structural calculations and every major structural connection is shown and cross referenced to the framing plans. Each set of plans is custom for the project and there are few "standard" details.
The benefit of this approach is two-fold. First, by submitting complete and thorough plans and engineering to the building official or other reviewing agency, plan check and subsequent re-check time is minimized. By reducing cycle time, plans are ready for bid sooner. This is a critical time when an owner is often paying interest on a take-out or construction loan. Second, by preparing complete plans and engineering, bids are tighter (and lower) since the contractor does not have to account for as many ambiguities.
Since the plans and details that ALLEN DESIGNS produces are often part of a complete set of architectural plans, attention is paid to graphic quality. While technically, this is not necessary, it is natural that a set of plans which appear professional is better received than a set which is not. This is also true of misspelled words. Although the intent is still conveyed, simple errors such as misspelled words invite further scrutiny. We at ALLEN DESIGNS pay attention to graphic issues such as line weight, balance of "white space" and text justification to make the structural plans and details easier to read (and, hopefully, follow). We feel the plans and details produced at ALLEN DESIGNS complement the entire set of construction documents.
All of the plans and details that are produced at ALLEN DESIGNS are prepared in either AutoCAD™ or Revit™. Bill Allen has worked with AutoCAD™ since 1990 and Revit™ since 2008. The last set of hand drawn plans were prepared in April, 1992.
An important concept that is used at ALLEN DESIGNS during the design process is that of "calc and fit". What this means is that all plans and details are drawn to scale. The details are produced in CAD and are used to ensure the engineering can actually be assembled in the field. I know, this is a strange concept, but one in which we excel. Bill's extensive experience with projects under construction has heldped him develop not only a rapport with the contractors but also has assisted him in developing a process where he builds the project in his mind while he is preparing the structural engineering. This process not only allows a design to meet code criteria, but also generates members and connections which are practical to fabricate and install.