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Biography: T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.

Position: Principal

Bill Allen is directly responsible for engineering several hundred projects since going into private practice in June 1987. The scope of these projects includes residential remodels, custom single family residences, multi-family dwellings (apartments and hotels), commercial, institutional, medical and industrial projects. Some of the commercial projects have included retail centers, office buildings and restaurants.

The most notable projects are in four categories:

Residential Remodels


Bill originally “cut his teeth” on residential remodeling. Over the past several years, he has returned to his “roots”. He finds residential remodels challenging, interesting and appreciates that every project is unique. He has prepared engineering for dozens of residential remodels from simple bearing wall removals to complex additions.

Wood Framed Hotels


Bill has designed several 3 and 4 story wood framed hotel structures in California, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. Click here for a complete list.

Medical Office Facilities


These projects include medical office buildings, remodels and equipment installations. Click here for a complete list.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings


Bill has designed a large number of these projects consisting of wood framed, concrete masonry and tilt-wall construction and has provided excellent service in preparing structural documentation for smaller projects (5,000 SF to 30,000 SFD) when the larger firms are unable to do so.


Prior to entering private practice, Bill had ten years of engineering experience in Southern California with a diverse group of engineering firms. From petrochemical facilities to berthing piers for supertankers to second story additions to medical facilities, his diverse experience provides creativity in problem solving.


Bill prides himself in the fact that he recognizes that there are many ways to build a structure. To achieve a cost effective, structurally sound building, he believes a strong, interactive relationship must exist between all members of the design team.



Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, The University of Texas at El Paso, 1977

Master of Science in Civil Engineering (with a special designation in Structural Engineering), University of Southern California, 1983