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Specializing in the structural engineering of wood framed structures with the objective of producing clear and concise structural plans and details saving time and money at the jobsite.

Irv Seaver Motorcycles - Shop and Office Addition, Orange, CA

This project consists of a new service area, approximately 3,823 SF and offices above of approximately 1,137 SF. The exterior structural walls are masonry and the roof is a panelized wood roof.

Foundation Plan
Mezzanine Framing Plan
Roof Framing Plan
East Structural Elevation
North Structural Elevation
South Structural Elevation
Longitudinal Section 4/S2
Transverse Section 5/S2
Transverse Section 7/S2
Section Through Mezzanine
Northeast 3D View
Southeast 3D View
Northwest 3D View
Southwest 3D View